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Lidong~~Hechuan Exhibition will accompany you warm winter!

《beginning of winter》

Zijin shuang

The falling water lotus pond is full of eyes, and the west wind is gradually making a north wind.

The boxwood is barely strong, and the white birch is soft and semi-sparse.

The door is cold and frosty, and the window is close to the picture.

It is planned to be about 39 pm, and it is also borrowed from its own small stove.



Lidong Health Knowledge


Li Dong is one of the 24 solar terms of the Lunar Calendar. How to maintain health after the beginning of winter?

Historical food

     In October, the winter is also called "crossing winter". The time series enters the winter season, and the folks have the custom of "wintering into the winter". The ancients believed that the sky turned cold and they needed to supplement their body nutrition. Ginseng, velvet, dog meat, mutton, chicken and duck stewed Bazhen, etc., are more popular ways of supplementing winter, and some Chinese medicine shops have launched Shiquandabu soup, which is made with ten kinds of nourishing traditional Chinese medicine stewed chicken or other meat. Tonic.

      On this day in ancient times, the emperor had a winter ceremony in the outskirts of the suburbs, and he had the system of giving the winter clothes and the widowhood. That is to say, Tonglichun, Lixiahe, and Liqiu, the winter ceremonies will also be held in winter. On the first three days of the winter, Tai Shigong told the emperor that the date of the winter, the emperor began to bathe fast. In the winter, the Tianzi rate led the three male and nine priests to the north of the northern suburbs to welcome the winter. After returning, the emperor will reward the dead with peace, and he will have to be widowed.

      The Manchu has the custom of burning incense. Li Dong, the autumn grain into the warehouse, this season is the active season of the Manchu Eight Banners and the Hanjun Eight Banners people burning incense ancestors. The ritual of Han Baqi is called "burning the flag to sing the tiger god", and the eight qi flag is called "burning musk". "burning musk" for 5-7 days, the first three days of the ancestors burning incense, the whole family eats fast for ten days, do not eat cockroaches.

      China's Hedong Shuixi "old Tianjin Wei" settlement, Lidong has the custom of eating melon dumplings. Amaranth, also known as wolfberry, papaya, melon and northern melon, is a common vegetable in the north. Generally, the melon is bought in the summer, stored in a hut or on a window sill. After a long period of saccharification, it is made into a dumpling stuffing on the winter solstice. The taste is different from that of Chinese cabbage, and it is different from the summer melon stuffing. Add garlic to eat, don't have a taste.


And the health we are talking about is the trilogy of "diet"

一、Drink: The right amount of tea is different

Drinking should follow the law: the right amount. Excessive and not metabolized in time can damage the internal organs.

Drinking tea is good for your health. A big function of tea is to go to the air. Drinking tea often can go to the human body. However, tea is also divided into different varieties and different sexes. Green tea: cool. Flower tea: temperature. Black tea: Sexual temperature helps digestion. Oolong tea: flat.

二、Food: Lidong diet health to increase calories, while paying attention to vitamin supplements

Eat less cold, but not too hot, sometimes eat some yin and yang, high calorie diet is appropriate, but also eat more fresh vegetables to avoid vitamin deficiency, such as: beef and mutton, black-bone chicken, squid, drink more soy milk, Milk, eat more radish, lotus root, green vegetables, tofu, fungus and so on.

For example, we said the radish, folk songs have "winter to eat radish in the summer to eat ginger, do not need a doctor to prescribe a prescription", people often use this sentence to describe the value of radish in the winter diet. Radish is sweet and cold, and often eats beef and mutton in winter. With white radish, it can effectively regulate liver anger, clear lung heat and benefit the liver. Not only cool and fire, but also play a role in detoxification and anti-inflammatory. The lignin and a large amount of enzymes contained in the radish can effectively lower the fat, soften the blood vessels, and stabilize the blood pressure. Due to the rich minerals, it can also improve its own immunity, prevent frostbite in winter and cure frostbite. Friends who have indigestion or constipation eat radish in winter is the best choice for diet.

What needs to be noted here is that China has a vast territory and different geographical environments. People's lifestyles are different. It belongs to the winter season. The climatic conditions in the northwest and southeast coasts are quite different, and the living conditions are different.

三、Hugh: sleep and rest have rhythms

Traditional health thinks that sleeping is the first big supplement. There are many folk sayings: "It's a good night's sleep, a hundred times of spirit; it's hard to sleep at night, and it's exhausted." Sleeping and getting up must be scientifically grasped. From 9:00 am to 3:00 am, it is the best sleep time for people.

Share some winter health knowledge, I hope that all friends and family can have a happy, healthy winter ~~