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1. Fluid control equipment: valves, regulators, actuators, valve bodies and accessories.
2. Fluid instrumentations: fluid temperature, pressure, flow, level transmitter, analytical instrumentation, and automated control systems.
3. Fluid delivery systems: pumps, compressors, wind turbine and vacuum equipment.
4. Fluid delivery pipeline: pipe fittings, pipe, steel pipe and piping system.
5. Fluid processing equipment: heat transfer, mass transfer, reaction, separation, drying, storage of pressure vessels.
6. Fluid environmental protection equipment: fluid filtration, water treatment, sewage treatment, air purification, desulfurization and dust removal, environmental protection equipment.
7. Fluid cooling equipment: colling tower,cooler,cooling-water machine,water chiller,heat transfer equipment,condenser
8. Fluid transmission systems and sealing components: fluid sealing systems, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, sealing materials, sealing devices, etc.
9. Fluid mechanical parts: casting forgings, flange gaskets